Louisiana's newest chapter of the TLCA
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Club Meeting

Welcome to the newest Louisiana TLCA chapter:
The Louisiana Land Krewesers!

Back in 2007 when the Toyota FJ Cruiser (FJC for short) first came out, there was a group of us from a popular Toyota FJ Cruiser forum who used to get together informally and have meet and greets and wrenching sessions.  It was suggested by one of our "members" that we needed to name our group and make it more formal so that we maybe could attend rides with other local 4x4 groups here in the southeastern part of La. And so the Hurricane Cruisers were born.  But that group never went any further than the name.  

Well, fast forward to 2012, and we have a lot more Toyota FJC's in the area who are wanting to wheel, have meet and greets and participate in wrenching sessions.  They also wanted something more than what the Hurricane Cruisers offered.  So, when the talk turned to a formal club, Mike, Deryl and Lance agreed that it would be a good thing to get out in front of this.  Many of us wanted to be involved with a Toyota Land Cruiser Association (TLCA) organization but had an issue with the distance to Lafayette, La where the only other Louisiana TLCA club is located.  So, the trio decided to step in and see what the interest really was in a local chapter.  Well, you can understand that it was more than a welcomed idea.

After some research and careful deliberation the idea was presented to a few local enthusiasts who loved the idea and thus, the Louisiana Land Krewesers were born!  We began with 20 Charter Members and now have more than 50 members who come from New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Hammond, the North Shore of Lake Pontchartrain, Shreveport, Lafayette and all points in between.  We even have several members who live out of state.  If you are a 4X4 enthusiast and are looking for people with similar interests, come hang out with us for some fun and make some new friends.